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July 1, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

Zoa Chimerum featured in Haute Macabre

A few of my photos for Zoa Chimerum were featured in Haute Macabre!

Chelicerae necklace by Zoa Chimerum. Designed and handmade by artist Ian T. Henderson.

July 6, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

D20 Burlesque Review

Enjoy the review written by Charles Battersby at Player Affinity–and my photos of the lovely ladies of D20 Burlesque!

Hazel Honeysuckle, the delicate flower of NYC burlesque

Hazel Honeysuckle in her “Metropolis” themed performance at the Parkside Lounge in the LES.

“Stella Chu, a rising star of the nerd burlesque scene, dressed as Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion”

“Dangrrr Doll’s interpretation of the novel 1984…”

July 4, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

Vintage Uncle Sam & Food

Vintage Uncle Sam & Food

Article in Time magazine featuring images from America’s National Archives.

July 3, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

Watermelon Carvings: 2012!

I would fill this with lemonade.

I adore a good watermelon whittle!

Prickly and cute with berry eyes!

Changling? Demon spawn?

The ominous lighting in this shot makes me want to go watch “Rosemary’s Baby.” Rosemelon’s Baby? Seed of Chucky?

Yes, it’s Watermelon time! A whole list of novelty carvings!

Even more:

Photo from Watermelon Art 2008

This looks like a prop that escaped from the set of the film Videodrome.

July 3, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung



Disgruntled teen dog having a Manic Panic moment?

July 3, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

Hey Brooklyn: Opening Party for “Unnaturalize” by Sue-Yee Leung

“Unnaturalize” by Sue-Yee Leung Opening Party!

Project Parlor presents new art this July for your visual pleasure:


Come Celebrate with us, gape at the heliographic curiosities! *Attending in an Exciting Costume is strongly encouraged.* Win a sticker prize or postcard from the artist for your valiant efforts!

Sue-Yee Leung is primarily photographic and habitually crafty. Her ideas about identity, cultures, gender, and sexuality inform her work, which in turn is imbued with a wicked sense of humor. In Instant Connections (2011), a Polaroid group show at the Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA, her work was exhibited along with portraits by dead luminary Andy Warhol and her favorite not-so-dead photographers, Vik Muniz and James Casebere. Feeding exclusively on boundless gumption and sheer will, she is noted to call out a signature series of sharp bon mots when startled at drag and burlesque shows within the Continental United States. Sue-Yee is filled with odd facts and peculiar trivia and was once the only studio assistant who knew how to instantly tie a hangman’s noose for a shoot. Bring some rope, she’ll teach you how!

Thurs. July 5th, 2012
5 PM to 4 AM

DJ Pavel Pipovitch Provides Tunes All Night, turning the tables with the nicest tasting tinkety tonks.
8 PM

Delicious handmade sodas will be available at the bar for tender spirits who do not imbibe alcoholic beverages.

Drawing a fake mustache on your learner’s permit will NOT get you in,

This event is 21+.

July 2, 2012 / Sue-Yee Leung

silver manniquin

silver manniquin

July 9, 2011 / Sue-Yee Leung

Crazy Pants!

July 7, 2011 / Sue-Yee Leung

Ice cream truck

Ice cream truck by Sue-Yee Leung
Ice cream truck, a photo by Sue-Yee Leung on Flickr.

July 7, 2011 / Sue-Yee Leung

Big boo boo truck, pride parade NYC 2011